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About Creative Flow Arts Theater Group

We will specialize in developing actors, singers, directors, and writers in areas of stage and film. We are building a sound, respected entertainment industry in San Diego moment by moment, person by person, and brick by brick.


This is the beginning of building our talent roster and we are so thankful that you want to be a part of “something big on the rise.” 


Walking in Purpose,

Tamera Hill



A collection of stories linked together takes us on a journey through time about love, life, race, and relationships.


Genre: Comedy, Romance, and Drama  ALL IN ONE


Show Dates: TBA


Rehearsal Times: TBA


Truth or Lie

Truth 30s, Black Female, exotic look, singer (style Jazz R & B)


Dance with Me

Dejah, 30s, Black Female, career driven, independent professional

Lamar 30’s, Black Male, handsome clean-cut type, cooperate professional, a man’s man.



The Book Club

Lia, Asian Female, 30-40, portrays owner of a beauty supply store, comedic, no filter on words


Donna, Hispanic Female, 30s,  non-traditional Hispanic


TERRY & DEJAH, 2 Black Females, 30s

#1 All natural hair, earthy, militant

#2 superficial, materialist type


Suzy, White Female, 30s, spoiled, uppity type




ZOYA, Black Female, 30-40s, portrays African slave, African accent needed

ABDU, Black Male, 30-40s, portrays African slave, African accent needed

NIOLA, Black Female, 50’s, portrays matriarch of slave family  (D)

JOHN,             White Male, voice over only (D)



Mary, Black Female, 20s-30s, plain homely, submissive type – Wife and Mother

Charles, Black Male, 20s-30’s,  portrays a prisoner

Prison Guard, Extra role, 30s-60’s

JUDGE Voice over, White male

Joe, Black Male, 30s, drug dealer, an abuser

Todd, 18-25, Black Male, a young basketball star who turns NBA, poetry experience




Kim, Black Female, 18-21, brown girl, hair natural coily, shapely, scorned by lies and confronts lies with truth. (D)


Marriage Counselor

Todd, older now in 30’s, Black Male, NBA star trying to find his identity late in life (D)

Suzy, White female, 30s, Wife who is oblivious to how her husband feels about their marriage (D)


Dr. Hilliard, White Male, 50s, unbiased marriage counselor who helps the couple life just as it is. (D)

Tara, Black Female, 50s, the doctor’s secretary and wife (D)





A new talk show host finds herself in the middle of doing what’s right for the people or what her television network wants her to do.


Show Dates: NOVEMBER 14,15,16


Rehearsal Times:

Thursday 7pm- 10pm

Friday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-3pm

Sunday TBA



Morgan, 30s, Black Female, pleasant to the eyes, articulate with a comedic quirkiness.


Bob Ucas, 40s-50s, White Male, studio executive that only cares about the ratings.


Giovanni, 20’s, Black Male, television show side-kick and band leader



Two people meet at an anniversary celebration for their friends and are struck with an immediate attraction. They spend the night talking and fall in love with the ‘idea of marriage’ and decide to forsake the normalcy of dating. Certain he has found “the one,” on a whim, Vincent asks Tammy to marry him. They decide to get married, never considering what the consequences of what will be. Funny and not so things occur on their journey towards happily every after. 




Show Dates: January 30, 31st, February 1, 2020


Rehearsal Times:

Thursday 7pm- 10pm

Friday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-3pm

Sunday TBA




VINCENT: Vincent’s background is a checkered past. His father left when he was just 4, and his mother constantly reminded him of how awful his dad was for leaving, and held Vincent captive to his father’s sin. Vincent reaches a point in his life where he needs more  than short unmeaningful relationship. He wants to meet his soul mate and live a purposeful life.


TAMMY: Tammy has been living her life solo for so long, that she didn’t realize she needed someone, especially that someone being a man. She was born into an adopted family, given up by her mother at the tender age of 14. Tammy never really bounded with a mother or father to show her love, or to even trust it.


LOUISE: Vincent’s sassy but well put together mother in her, 40’s, who looks young enough to be Vincent’s sister. She had Vincent when she was just 15 years of age. Her and Vincent practically grew up together. Their bound is strong and to her, unbreakable.


Angie, Black Female, 30s, sassy attitude, mouthy. She is hiding a lie that can destroy her marriage forever.


Terry, Black Male, 30-40’s, pretty boy type, immature for his age. Womanizer.


Bartender, 40-50’s, Wise, unassuming man who is the voice of reason during the play.


Comedian, he narrates the play with thought provoking jokes



For the love of R&B, an intern at a pop culture record label makes it his business to bring back R & B to save the record label from tanking.




Show Dates: April 30, May 1-2, 2020


Rehearsal Times:

Thursday 7pm- 10pm

Friday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-3pm

Sunday TBA




Eric Jenkins, 20-30s, Black Male, dancer & singer 

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